Opportunity Awaits

After 37 years of company growth, we are now offering a unique opportunity for a select number of entrepreneurs to take our proven brands into new markets.  We offer 3 unique concepts to choose from with each one offering a proven model of success. We currently have territories available in many highly desirable markets, which represents an exceptional chance to establish our winning concepts in choice locations across the country.

Why Choose Old Chicago?

Adaptable Site Requirements

Old Chicago's brand identity does not rely on a typical "box" to succeed. Our adaptive development strategy and flexible design allow stores to be constructed in many different types of sites, including prototype buildings, conversions/retro-fits, strip center end-cap locations, and non-traditional sites.

Sales Mix Advantage

With approximately 40% of historical system sales from our bar and drink business, Old Chicago's sales mix provides operators with a real opportunity to differentiate themselves from other casual dining concepts. Our high mix of bar sales is one of the main reasons why our stores experience exceptionally low Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). Our 60 company stores finished the year in 2008 with an average COGS of 25.6%.

Brand Strength & Versatility

Our brand has three decades of proven success and a loyal customer base in our existing markets. Old Chicago is a timeless concept that has that rare ability to appeal to a variety of consumers. Many casual dining concepts seem to copy each other in their menus and restaurant "feel". The Old Chicago concept is uniquely different. Our bars have the rich, dark feel of a "freshly scrubbed joint". Our dining room areas with our new pizza bars really appeal to families and couples.

Broad Customer Appeal

Our bar area, along with our unique guest loyalty program, "The World Beer Tour", appeals to our younger, single guests. They create the high energy levels that have made our bars famous. With thirty beer varieties on tap, and another eighty varieties in bottles, we have created an exciting taste journey for our World Beer Tour members. No matter your age or occupation, there is a tremendous sense of accomplishment when your name goes on a plaque in your home store because you have completed the World Beer Tour.

For more information, please visit the Old Chicago Franchising Website.

Why Choose Gordon Biersch?

Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurants has a Licensee program dedicated to providing you with an extremely successful business in the Brewery Restaurant segment of casual dining. The following information provides you with the outline to become a Gordon Biersch licensee and also provides you with an overview of our qualification process.

We are in search of companies with a proven track record in business and/or restaurant operations and who are interested in multi-unit licensee operators. A strong business background with sound personal and financial qualifications will be required. We look for partners who qualify under the following general criteria:

  • Cultural Compatibility
  • Financial Compatibility
  • Operational Compatibilty

If interested in learning more, please contact (423) 424-2000.

Why Choose Rock Bottom?

Rock Bottom built its foundation on a tradition of fresh, handcrafted beers, and a diverse menu that offers fresh, bold flavors. We offer both a franchise and a licensing program depending upon your needs and qualifications. We built our first Brew Pub in 1991 and have over 19 years of operations experience and proven systems that will set you up for success. We currently offer 2 models of our Rock Bottom Brew Pub concept:

  • Full line Brew Pub – this is a full scale restaurant and brewery model where you brew your own beer on site. This is ideal for a larger footprint / space plan. This model is ideal for takeover opportunities of existing brew pubs or conversion opportunities.
  • Gold Medal Tap – this is a scaled down version of our typical brewpub without the brewing equipment! This requires much less capital on the front end to open up yet still captures the essence of our full brew pub concept. We will provide “Gold Medal” winning beers from across the country brewed at other Rock Bottom breweries, as well as our creative food menu, and an innovative “Table Top” draft beer system that fits right on a table top for the guests to enjoy.

If you are interested in learning more about Rock Bottom or our innovative Gold Medal Tap concept, please contact
us at (303) 664-4000.